10 Things I’m Thankful for this Thanksgiving

1. I’m thankful for my life–given to me by God. Every breath is a blessing. 

2. I’m thankful for my salvation, purchased for me on the Cross 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ, secured forever by the Holy Spirit. This gives me the promise of eternal life in Heaven. 
3. I’m thankful for my beautiful wife of seven years. Marriage to her is infinitely more blessed than I ever imagined. 
4. I’m thankful for my children. Grace Marie is almost five and fills our home with such joy and laughter. Dan Jr. is 1 and is walking and has his own unique and curious personality. And Emma Rose is awaiting her entrance into this world, sometime around Christmas. Can’t wait to see what she looks and sounds and acts like. 
5. I’m thankful for my parents, who courageously raised us children in the Lord, who provided more than we needed, who encouraged us along the way, who set us on a path to success. Every year that passes I’m more grateful for them. 
6. I’m thankful for my church, Gages Lake Bible Church, who has welcomed the Darling Family with open arms. Their generosity and love and patience has overwhelmed us. You are a wonderful people. We love you. 
7. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve in ministry. Ministry is my passion and God has graciously granted me the opportunity to preach and teach and encourage and disciple. 
8. I’m thankful for the opportunity to write, for a publisher willing to publish my work, for Tamela, my incredible agent, for all the publications willing to publish my articles and devotionals. 
9. I’m thankful to be an American. America has a lot of issues, but we still have the greatest nation on earth. We still live in the top 1% of the world. I love this nation, warts and all. 
10. I’m thankful for great friends, who are there through thick and thin, who encourage, exhort, and even rebuke when necessary. You’ve enriched my life. 

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