Bulls-Celtics and Me

Okay, if you hate watching sports like my wife does, then you don’t have to keep reading. But I had to talk about the incredible first-round NBA series between the defending champion Boston Celtics and my hometown Chicago Bulls. 
Now I have to say that the last time I enjoyed an NBA game this much, Jordan was still in the league, Clinton was president, wierd-colored ties were still considered cool and my waist size was around 33. You know that was a long time ago.

But I have to tell you that this Chicago Bulls teams is incredibly exciting to watch and this series is so riveting I have been glued to almost every minute of it. After three games that went into overtime and two games that I thought the Bulls were going to win, but then didn’t, I didn’t think anything could top those. But holy cow, Game 6 was the most incredible game I’ve ever watched. Wow! 

First Ray Allen is the best shooter I’ve ever seen. This guy has the best form and is the most clutch guy. And every single game it seems that the Bulls allow the Celtics like 4 seconds at the end of the game. I always worry because if Ray Allen gets the ball, he will make a three-pointer. Last night he was absolutely unconscious from three-point range.

Second, wierd things keep happning. Like Brad Miller, a 7ft center, made three clutch three-pointers last nite. Kirk Heinrich missed a wide-open layup. Ray Allen hit a game-tying three, only his foot was on the line and it only counted for two. Then the wierdest of them all, Joaquin Noah, whose spelling I had to Google, steals the ball from Paul Pierce and runs the length of the floor, dunks the ball, and gets Pierce’s sixth foul.

Third, there is such intensity in this series. I mean its only the first round, but is like one of those games that nobody wants to lose. There is such a determination and will to win. Its almost like watching a Final Four college game. 

Those of us who like sports, this is why we watch. We put up with a lot of really bad games that disappoint, because we hope there will be a few games like we’ve had in this series. 
I’m not sure what the spiritual angle is here, i don’t have one readily available. If you think of one, comment or email me. 

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