Calling an Audible

 Except for holidays, we’ve been going thru the Gospel of John on Sunday mornings. Its an incredibly wonderful study of Jesus’ life and mission. John has some of the most profound theology in all the Scriptures. It answers the question: "Who is Jesus?" 
Last week we wrapped up chapter 6 and I was all ready to go with the first of a few messages in Chapter 7. But as this week progressed, I felt that God wanted me to go in a different direction. I must say that I rarely do this. I’ve never liked it when preachers say, "God told me to preach this or preach that." Usually its a good mask for a lack of preparation. But, there are times when the situation warrants a change. 
This next week, Gages Lake is about to embark on a big project for our little church. We’re hosting our first ever soccer camp. We’ve got 48 kids signed up. I prayed that we’d get around 50, but didn’t really think we’d get there. (Love my great faith?). But God is faithful, far more faithful than we are. And He’s called us to something big this week. 
So we’re going with a sermon, "When God Does Something Big and How to Be a Part of It." Its a challenge and praise from the book of Nehemiah. 
So I called an audible. It probably won’t happen for another ten years. But this week should be very special. 

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