From Round Lake to Alabama to Rochester to Pakistan

I have a really cool story about my book, Teen People of the Bible. Several months ago, a Pakastani church-planter was in Rochester, New York, preaching at a church and raising funds for his mission. He is a native Pakistani pastor who conducts revival meetings and plants churches across Pakistan.
While he was in Rochester, New York, he stayed in the home of a family. The man, whom I’ve yet to meet, had somehow got his hands on a copy of my book, Teen People of the Bible. He showed it to this Pakistani missionary and said, "You’ve got to read this book. Its great." So he did.
He liked the book. In fact he liked it so much he began using it to teach his fellow pastors in his various seminars and training. I had no idea a devo book for teens would be used that way! The pastors like it so much they want to translate this book into their native language. I talked to him on the phone recently and he said, "Dan, it seems like you wrote this book for the Pakistani people." I’m pretty sure I didn’t have that mission field in mind, but I’m not going to argue!
I’m not sure how it will all work out with the translation, rights, etc. My publisher is working that out. But I do know this. God can take our feeble attempts at sharing the Word and spread it in ways we never imagined. From my laptop in Round Lake, Illinois to my publisher in Birmingham, Alabama to the home of a Christian in New York to the churches and people of Pakistan.

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