Gifted Hands

One of my dearest friends is a man named Cecil Murphey. He has authored hundreds of Christian books, but until recently, was not really well known, because he has been a ghostwriter. I don’t know if anyone is more talented than Cec at telling someone else’s story. He has helped some of the world’s biggest celebrities write their autobiographies. One of those great stories is that of Dr. Ben Carson, chief of pediatric neurosurgery at John’s Hopkins University.
Dr. Carson is one of the world’s most celebrated doctors. He has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and has received numerous other awards. He has succesfully separated twins conjoined at the head–a very risky and complicated procedure.
Dr. Carson and my friend Cecil Murphey wrote his story a number of years ago in a bestselling book titled, Gifted Hands. I have to admit that I’ve never read that book. Shame on me. But recently, TNT made a movie from that book, with the same title, Gifted Hands.
It aired Saturday evening at 7 pm. I recorded it and last night Angela and I had the privelege of watching it. It was a powerful movie and we were touched by the extraordinary discipline and faith of this man. I was also challenged as a parent by Dr. Carson’s mom, who spent her life encouraging her sons to greatness. She always told them they could achieve much more than they thought-thru God’s strength. Dr. Carson overcame the absense of a father, 60’s era racism, and his own doubts to become one of the world’s leading doctors.
If you have a chance to watch this movie or read this book, I encourage you to. Its an incredible American story.

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