Hang on a Second, Whoopi

Somehow I got suckered into viewing a small video clip of "The View," that famous forum for conversations centered around Biblical truth. I’m kidding. These women were discussing religion. Apparently the Vatican has released a list of new sins. Whoopi Goldberg started out by saying, "How can the Vatican decided what is a sin? How can there be new sins?" I agree. Sins are defined by what God has said and spoken on in His Word–the Bible whose truth has stood the test of time.
But, then Whoopi really went off the reservation. She said this (and I’m really paraphrasing here), "Okay, I think intolerance is a sin." Then she continued, "If you know the Bible, Jesus said, ‘Here is what I think, but if you don’t agree, that’s cool with me." And then the real kicker, "Any religion that says, ‘this is the only way is sinful.’"
This is where I wanted to interject and say," Hey, Whoopi, have you read the gospel of John?" Maybe her Bible doesn’t have John in it. Or maybe it does, but she hasn’t read it. Or maybe she has read it but hasn’t reconciled herself to its profound truth. 
But you cannot say that Jesus professed a sort of "I’m okay, you’re okay," theology. In fact, Jesus would have been declared by Whoopi and others to be "intolerant." Why? Because Jesus made bold claims like, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father but by me." (John 14:6)
Here is what Jesus did say. He said that the offer of salvation was open to all. In fact, in the truest definition of tolerance, Jesus was the most tolerant person alive. Because the offer of salvation is open to all who believe.  But here is only one way–thru Jesus Christ.
Jesus never said, "This is what I believe, but if you don’t like it–that’s cool." No, Jesus made bold claims to be God in the flesh. And if Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, believing something else isn’t cool. It is an eternal risk I’m not willing to take.
Now, does that mean Biblical Christianity should be a state religion? No. Does that mean we should not allow other religions to worship freely? Absolutely not. Our forefathers died to give us the right to worship as we please. And I would give my life to allow someone to worship as they please–even if it was a false religion.
But do you see what is happening in our culture? Its not just Whoopi. She’s just parroting the doctrine of the age, which is to say that is okay to be religious, but to hold to the Biblical account that Jesus Christ is God and is the only way to Heaven is intolerant.
And so Christians must hold fast to their beliefs and know what the Scripture says about Jesus exclusive truth claims. We shouldn’t be belligerent and angry. We should be known by our love. But we also must not cede the exclusivity of Jesus Christ as God and the only means to Heaven.

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