How Do You Explain the Trinity?

By Daniel Darling

 So  my job on Sunday is really easy. Explain the Trinity in a 40-minute sermon. 
Actually, no, I won’t explain the Trinity, because the Trinity is unexplainable. But what we will do is explore the Trinity as we continue our series, Why We Believe What We Believe. 
Why do we talk about the Trinity? Isn’t that one of the boring, dusty doctrines of old? Well, this is why we should explore what the Bible says about the Trinity. 
Because this is what the Bible says about our God. And its very important that we know who God is, what HIs nature is, and what we believe about God. It gives us clarity in our doctrinal perspective. 
I would also argue that a study of the Trinity inspires our faith. Because we are suddenly confronted with the "bigness" of God. We’re also confronted with the "smallness" of ourselves. I hope that as we go through this study on Sunday that we are compelled to do one thing and one thing only: bow our knee before our holy and righteous God. 
For me, this week’s study was intense, but highly rewarding. I felt like I dove into the deep end of the theological pool. But I came up with a newfound reverence and awe for the God of the Bible, the one true God, who is three distinct Persons and who is not just powerful, but personal. 
A God like this demands our worship, He demands our obedience.