Its All About Christ

By Daniel Darling

What do you believe exactly?
I get that question a lot as I’m out and about in the community. People ask me what our church believes, what we teach, what we do. Most people, especially those who don’t attend church and don’t consider themselves too religious have a kind of vague notion as to what churches do.
I typically give them this answer. "Check our middle name." We’re Gages Lake Bible Church. That is to say Gages Lake preaches, teaches, and applies the Bible to life. We believe the Bible to be the written revelation of God to man.
We discussed this a few Sundays ago in our message, "Why We Believe What We Believe – About the Bible."
Well, saying we believe the Bible is a great answer to the "what do you believe question." But its not the whole answer. Because if you could boil down Christianity to one singular question its the question of a Person. Jesus Christ. In fact, if you believe the Bible to be God’s Word, then you’ll know that the Bible’s pages demand you reckon with the question, "Who Is Jesus Christ?"
And to personalize it, "What will you do about Jesus Christ?" Well, if you’ve wondered that, then join us Sunday as we share, "Why We Believe, What We Believe – About Jesus Christ."