Let’s Remember That We Are Christians

Over the last few days I’ve received a plethora of emails and forwarded emails about President Obama and his policies. They are from friends who are rightly concerned with the direction our country is taking. Like many Christians, I’m concerned about his policies. I’m troubled by the excessive spending and what it means for future generations. I’m appalled by abortion policies that degenerate God-given life. I’m troubled by a seeming indifference to Biblical values.
But here is the big, "however." However, we as Christians must think and live and act as Christ would have us act. What does this look like under an Obama administration? I’m not totally sure, but I do know this. We must alwasy put our faith first and we must always remember to represent Jesus Christ first and foremost. So that may mean:

Not sending emails to our email list that call Obama everything from a red-blooded Communist to a Socialist Monster. To those Christian friends who send those emails and let this kind of rhetoric season their discussions: I wonder if they’ll ever be able to share Christ with people of the other political party.
Not wishing for Obama’s complete and utter failure. Because as Americans, his failure is our failure. And I don’t think wishing for the President’s failure is consistent with hopeful, Heaveward outlook.
Not putting your faith in the Republican party as if being a Christian includes being a Republican and/or conservative.

There are also some things I think we should do as Christians in this culture:

Be faithful in our local Bible-believing churches and working to share the Gospel and build up the body of Christ. The power is in the Holy Spirit and His presence is felt the strongest in a local, Bible-believing church.
Commit to prayer as much as we commit to criticizing the President. What if we prayed 10 times more often than we criticized President Obama? Maybe, just maybe we could affect changes in his policies.
Speak out on issues that are clearly in violation of Biblical principles. Like abortion, the redefinition of marriage, human trafficking, persecution of believers abroad, censoring of Christian thought, and other issues. We have been given a precious stewardship as Americans to have a stake in our own government.
Speak out with grace and clarity and dignity, because that political opponent may also be a soul searching for the hope and love only Jesus Christ offers.
Recognize that God is in full control, He has a plan for our lives, and He has a plan for this world. We don’t live as if this world is all their is to live for. We are looking toward Heaven.
Meditation on Scriptures:

1 Peter 2:17 – "Honor the King"
Matthew 5:44 – "Love Your Enemies."
2 Timothy 2:1-4 – "Pray for All In Authority."
Romans 13 - "Powers that Be are Ordained of God."
Psalm 75:6 – "Promotion Comes Not from the East or West, but From God."
Psalm 20:7 – "Some Trust in Chariots, We Trust in the Name of the Lord."

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