New Sermon Series

I’m very excited about a brand-new sermon series we’re calling "Why We Believe, What We Believe." It begins this Sunday, October 4th. This doesn’t mean we are done with John, its just that we’ll be done with John until sometime next year. John is an awesome study and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed preaching through it. We’ll start up in chapter 10 probably in February. 
Why stop our study in John? We’ll, I really have sensed God calling us again to what Jeremiah describes as the "old paths." Today in the evangelical church, doctrine is often dismissed as outdated. But doctrine is important. We as Christ-followers must know what we believe and why. 
Also, we’ve got quite a few new folks in our church and I think in this "back-to-school" season, its time for all of us to go back to school and learn the essentials of our faith. So here is the schedule for the series: 

Why Doctrine is Important – Sunday, October 4th

What We Believe About the Second Coming (Prophecy Conference with Dr. Chipchase), Sunday, October 11th

What We Believe About the Bible and Inspiration – Sunday, October 18th

What We Believe About The Trinity – Sunday, October 25th

What We Believe About Christ – Sunday, November 1st

What We Believe about The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts – Sunday, November 8th

What We Believe About Man, Sin and the Two Natures – Sunday, November 15th

What We Believe About Salvation – Sunday, November 29th

What We Believe About the Church – Sunday, November 29th

What We Believe About Satan – Sunday, November 6th


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