Personal Project Updates

 Its been a while since I updated everyone on some projects I am working on, so here we go:

Crash Course, Forming a Faith Foundation for Life – This is my second teen devotional. Like Teen People of the Bible, it will be a 100-day devotional. Crash Course is geared for jr high and high-school students and college freshman. The idea is to give them a "crash course" in the "fundamentals of life." It is divided up into five sections: Doctrine, Decisions, Direction, Devotion and Delight. We almost titled it "5 Big Things" because we boiled all of life down to the five important things you want a young person to know in order to be successful for life. I’m really excited about this book. It will be released next Spring by New Hope Publishers. 
Instant Messages, Prayer for the Blackberry Generation – At least this is the working title right now. This book is written to my generation, perhaps 45 and under, 50 and under, who have always known life to be fast, connected, and instant. What effect does this have on our prayer life? In this book I compare and contrast 12 prayers in the Bible with the way we often pray today. I’m extremely excited about this book as well. I plan on doing a teaching series on this at Gages Lake on Sunday Nights beginning in November. 
New Sermon Series at Gages Lake – If you regularly attend Gages Lake Bible Church or listen to our podcasts you’ll know that on Sunday Mornings, we’re currently going thru the Gospel of John. This Sunday we’ll be starting and finishing chapter 9. 

Beginning in October, we’ll stop this series for a while and do a 6-8 week series entitled, "Why We Believe, What We Believe." I really feel its important for us to reintroduce ourselves to the basic doctrines of the faith we hold dear, to bring them off of the statement of faith and bring them to life. I’m really excited about this. We will be using, as guides, the new booklets published by the IFCA (of which we are a member.). 

Sunday Evenings – We have two more messages in our Tuff Stuff Series: 

Help I’m Angry
The Purpose of Pain
Then we’re going to begin a new series "Instant Messages" its about prayer and the subject of my book to be released in 2011. 

Upcoming Events - 

The Bible and the End of Time – One-Day Prophecy Conference on Sunday, October 11th – with Dr. Elwood Chipchase. I’m very excited about this. Dr. Chipchase has preached through Revelation countless times. And we live in scary, turbulent times. The good news is that we know God has a plan for the end of the world. Dr. Chipchases three messages are:
God’s Distinct Plan – Sunday, 9:45 AM
Seven Years Like the World Has Never Seen – Sunday, 10:45 AM
The End in View as We Live Today – Sunday 6:00 PM
Joy Chipchase will be speaking at the Women’s Fall Brunch – Saturday, October 10th at 11:00 AM at the church. The ladies will enjoy a wonderful lunch and great fellowship.


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