That was my reaction to the news, delivered in an email from a friend while I was driving to Indiana yesterday (I don’t recommend the email/driving combo, nor does my wife, the nervous passenger). The email said, "Bears Got Cutler."
Here’s the deal. I’m a huge Bears fan. I’ve always loved their teams. They’ve always prided themselves on defense and an okay, usually bad, offense. I’ve never liked that. Why can’t we have a really good quarterback like other teams? It always seemed the Bears were destined for mediocrity at that position. I mean we’re talking about Sid Luckman being our last really good quarterback and good ole Sid played during WWII.
I am so juiced by this trade. The Bears never go out and get the hot guy that is available. But we did, somehow! I think Jay Cutler will make the Bears contenders. I don’t think they gave up too much. I think he’ll make our wide receivers better. Also, they shored up the offensive line by signing Orlando Pace from the Rams.
I’m not sure where I work the spiritual angle in here. Maybe to say that if God presents an opportunity, go for it. That’s kind of weak, but that’s all I’ve got.
Go Bears!

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