Snow Day

Ahh, the best laid plans of men. We had a terrific Sunday planned yesterday, with a focus on one of our missionaries, Linda Johnson in Brazil, and special number by our kids and other really important things. But God had other plans. The huge snow day left most people stranded at home. But for those who came, we had a wonderful time, about 20 of us hardy folks showed up. Even one lady whose car had gotten stuck in a ditch.
You can look at the snow in two ways. You can be like me and see it as a huge hassle, an inconvenience, a depressing step back into winter when we all want to embrace spring and summer. Or, like our dear Arlene, who was stranded at home, you can say, "Oh, Pastor, but look how beautiful the snow is on the ground and on the trees."
In truth, the snowstorm is a great reminder of the soveriegnty of God. We have all of our little plans here on earth, but God may say, "I’m going to dump 8 inches of snow down there, just to let them know who is really in charge of things." Its good for us. Its really good for us. Today’s culture embraces a worldview that conveniently photoshops out God. We’re worried about the climate, thinking we can control the hurricanes and the snowstorms and the earthquakes. We do as Paul said in Romans, worship the creature more than the Creator.
And so it snows at the end of March, reminding us that God is still here. Maybe that’s a lesson we needed to hear more than anything a preacher was planning on saying.

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