Soccer Camp

About a year ago, I went to an Awana training meeting to get more aquainted with the Awana leaders in our area. I also needed to brush up on basic Awana stuff, since it had been several years since I led an awana group. At the meeting the leader discussed a new ministry called, "High Power Soccer." It took me back and I went home thinking that we could do this at Gages Lake and reach kids in our area with the love of Christ.

I toyed with the idea for a couple of weeks. Then, one Sunday, we had a lady come to our church. Angela and I visited with her and her family and I found out that she was a soccer coach! Amazing how God works. Well, over the last year Terrie Ann and I have talked a lot and this summer, in less than two weeks, we’re hosting a soccer camp at Gages Lake. 
I’ve been so amazed at how our church has pulled together. All volunteers, they are really giving themselves for this effort. I’m humbled at how God uses our different gifts for His kingdom.

Pray for Gages Lake next week. Pray for good weather. Pray for open hearts for the Gospel. Pray for a lot of fun and good sportsmanship by the kids. 

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