Some Thoughts on the Economic Meltdown

So, here we are in the midst of an economic meltdown. Depending on which overheated news anchor you watch, this meltdown is either catastropic, epic, and/or the greatest recession since the Great Depression. Either way, times are really tough right now. But what is so interesting is how the media and our culture is spinning the causes of the meltdown. In random order, here are the various alleged culprits:

George Bush. Why not? He caused everything from Hurricanes to wars to global warming to famine in third-world countries. Why not blame Bush, its just easier that way.
Greedy Wall Street guys. Bernie Madoff, every CEO, and anyone who is rich. They must be the problem.
The banks.
CNBC because they didn’t predict the collapse.
Not anyone in the media who cry wolf 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Here are a few things we’re missing. Lessons that might help us avoid another economic crisis.

Perhaps we all are to blame. Didn’t we all get greedy and want more from the stock market, more equity from our homes, more stuff, and more everything? Its easy to blame those greedy guys on Wall Street (and they have a lot to answer for), but its harder to look inside and say, "Maybe we got greedy and envious and materialistic."
Speaking of those greedy CEOs and Wall Street guys and politicians everyone wants investigated and locked up. Didnt we as a culture create them?

For several decades we’ve taught our children that there are no absolute truths, that their is no God to be accountable to, and that we all came from monkeys.
For several decades we’ve mocked and ridiculed Christians and anyone who espouses family values, as if they are old-fashioned and out of touch. Maybe, just maybe some of those old-fashioned values would have come in handy in Wall Street.
For several decades politicans have promised Americans everything. They have told them that they deserve everything easy, fast, and free. Its no wonder people started believing them. Now we’re paying the price for our indulgence.

Sin has consequences. The bill is coming due for our self-indulgence, materialism, and rejection of God. Sadly, many, many good, godly people who followed Christ are the unfortunate victims of our country’s mistakes.
Even though this is a painful time and many people I know are struggling to find a job and to make ends meet, perhaps as a whole, this recession will cause people to think deeply again about what is important. I think this maybe an important reset in our history. I hope to see evangelical churches filled, to see Christians getting serious about God, and to see a genuine revival in the hearts of people everywhere.

I personally believe this is an extraordinary time for the church to stand strong. To call people back to Christ. This is also the time for believers to stand tall in the midst of crisis. I’ve seen extraordinary faith by believers who have lost their jobs or have a hard time paying their mortgages. Their faith under fire is inspiring.

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