The Bible Stands

 When I was a kid, we sang this song, "The Bible Stands." You can find the words to the song here. Its a simple song with profound theology. 

This Sunday we’re talking about Why We Believe What We Believe About the Bible. I thoroughly enjoyed this study. Its a powerful study. What do we mean when we say we believe the Bible? Do we believe all of the Bible, part of the Bible, most of the Bible? And do we believe it is really God’s Word? We’re going to dive into some words like verbal, plenary, inspiration, and inerancy. 

What seems like big, fancy words actually are simple. And when you unwrap our statement of faith, you really find this simple belief: The Bible is the Word of God, whose words were inspired by the Holy Spirit, using human agents as authors. 
As a pastor, husband, and father, I’m glad we stand on the Bible. We live in a world with shifting values. We live in an age of the church with shifting values. i’m glad to know we can anchor our church, our famlies, and our lives on something concrete. God has spoken, this we believe, and if God has spoken, we know His Words can impact the way we live.

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