The One Place I Want to Be

 There is something about a storm that brings you closer to God. Nobody in thier right mind asks for storms, but God in His goodness allows us to passage through them because He knows that it is in the storms where we grow. Angela and I have been enduring some storms lately. We seem surrounded by the needs and hardship of those we serve. And yet God has been so faithful to show Himself strong on our behalf. 
Last night we had prayer meeting at Gages Lake. I was looking forward to Wednesday prayer all week, because it is in the time of prayer and fellowship with the fellow saints in the church that God really shows up. I felt it last night. One of the things I have learned about Gages Lake Bible Church in the last year is that our people are a praying people. They really are. Lately, our church body has seen many of its members in the hospital, enduring crisis after crisis. Our poeple have rallied to the cause, getting on their knees and praying. 
There are a lot of institutions in the world where people go for comfort: the bar, the coffee shop, the living room, the TV, the chat room, the telephone. But I dare say that the most comfort is found in the prayerful presence of brothers and sisters in your local church. My family and I always come away refreshed and encouraged. 
I thank God that he brought me to these people here at Gages Lake Bible Church. We are blessed to be among the saints. 

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