The Swiss Courier

By Daniel Darling

 I just finished a fantastic novel by my friend, Tricia Goyer. Here is my review: 
"This is a time for war, not love," says Gabi Mueller, an unlike heroine in a time of war. Hitler’s crusade had encroached upon her village and so her courage, Christian faith, and competence led her into a cooperative role for the Allies. 

This is a well-crafted, first-rate novel, each page sparkling with action, dialogue and rich character development. I found myself knee deep into the lives of the characters and the drama of the times. I was overwhelmed, at times, by the historical and cultural touch points. I felt when reading, that was right there in the midst of WW, mixing into the lives of the common people forced to make tough choices. 

This novel wasn’t just a pleasurable diversion, it delivered an education into the lives of the common person on both sides of the Swiss-German border in a time of considerable, historical tension. I heartily recommend this book.