What I’m Enjoying This Christmas Season

My wife of seven years, who, besides my relationship with Christ, is the greatest gift God has given me. 
My children: Grace Marie, 4, who is a delight, a joy, and whose infectious personality lights up our home, Dan Jr, who at 15 months is a one-man wrecking crew, but whose curiosity is so cute, Emma Rose, who as of this writing is still "in the oven" but is ready to make her entrance into the world. 
My church, filled with the most loving, wonderful, Christlike people in the world. In our two years here, you have become family. I enjoy serving you. 
My calling. I enjoy studying and preaching. I enjoy shepherding and administrating. 
My writing. I’m so glad God allows me to write about Him. I’m humbled at the doors He has opened for me. 
My friends, who stick my me through thick and thin and who are willing to encourage, exhort, and rebuke at times. 
My Non-Stop Christmas Music. I love the wonderful music of the season, both new and old. 
My Country. Its so grateful to live in the land of the free, where we can freely worship God. 

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