Teen People of the Bible

Teen People of the Bible

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A unique, 100-day devotional that explores the lives of 29 teens in the Bible, comparing their struggles and triumphs to the lives of everyday teens.


“Daniel Darling has produced a compact, 100-day Bible study for teens packaged in a very attractive format. Youth pastors will find it a helpful tool in their arsenal. And hopefully many students will discover that the stories of the Bible are incredibly relevant to the questions they ask and the struggles they face every day.” 

Ray Pritchard, bestelling author and popular Christian blogger

“This is a relevant tool that will launch teens deeper into scripture through the power of story and real-life application. This is a book that should be placed in the hands of every believing and seeking teen.”

T. Suzanne Eller, Intl. Speaker, Author of Making It Real: Whose Faith Is It Anyway, and founder of Real Teen Faith.

Daniel Darling brilliantly weaves the choices, challenges, victories and defeats of the Bible’s young people into intriguing and thought-provoking lessons for today’s teen. If you are looking for a daily dose of wisdom and a deeper understanding of how God’s Word applies to your life, look no further. This is truly an excellent book!

Ginger Plowman, author, Don’t Make Me Count to Three and Heaven at Home

“Dan Darling is a long-time friend and a man with a message for teens! With creativity and a clear understanding of a teen’s heart and life, he shares biblical truths in this daily devotional that will set a young person on God’s path day by day. His passion for God’s truth and his knowledge of the struggles and temptations young men and women face is heard on page after page as he dispenses life-saving—and life-changing—help. Every teen will benefit from this powerful book, and every parent will want to give this volume to the young adults in their life! What a great way to put the next generation on a sure path of godliness!”

Elizabeth George, bestselling author of A Young Women after God’s Own Heart,  A Young Woman’s Walk with God, and, A Young Woman’s Call to Prayer

“I wish I could give “Teen People of the Bible” to every guy and girl in America. I didn’t even know there were so many teenage heroes in there! Truly inspiring and just what we need, it’s a book no teen should be without.”

Carol Kurtz of Titletrak.com

“I am so excited about a fresh look at famous teenagers in God’s Word. What could be more effective than the challenge of a peer? Teens are given clear Biblical truths that they are able to digest in the context of the 21st century.”

Jackie Kendall, best-selling author of Lady in Waiting

“With tight, crisp writing and straight to the point illustrations, Daniel Darling encourages teens to make their faith real in his book Teen People of the Bible . It’s the kind of book parents and grandparents love to give, and to their amazement, it will be one that kids read.”

Stephen Bly, author of over 100 books, including Wish I’d Known You Tears Ago.

“A great resource for teens, parents of teens, and leaders of teens. It nicely blends practical application with biblical truth.”

“Teen People of the Bible blows the dust off some ancient heroes to highlight their connection to our contemporary culture. Author Daniel Darling shows a genuine appreciation and understanding of his audience as he keeps things real and relevant.”

In the Library Reviews

“A great resource for teens, parents of teens, and leaders of teens. It nicely blends practical application with biblical truth.”

Charles Stone co-author of Daughters Gone Wild-Dads Gone Crazy and pastor of Ginger Creek Community Church in Aurora, Illinois

“I’ve been waiting a long time for a devotional like this to come along. Daniel Darling’s Teen People Of The Bible is by far the best Bible study I’ve ever seen thus far.” Read the rest of the review here . . .

Kierstyn Paulinohomeschooler, popular teen blogger featured in World Magazine:

“In the end, Teen People of the Bible by Daniel Darling is a devotional that I would recommend to any Christian teen. The dedication to Scripture and the challenging message creates a devotional rarely seen today. If you are looking for a devotional that will challenge you to deepend your walk with Jesus Christ, then this devotional is the one for you. ” Read the rest of the review here . . .

Matt Ahearn, author of the popoular teen blog, “From the Pulpit

“Many teens are bound to appreciate this devotional—and take up the challenge, which is a worthy one. It provides an excellent overview of the Bible as well as interesting biographical sketches that are bound to connect with teens. “ Crosswalk.com

The Idea Behind the Book

In late 2005, I got an idea for a teen devotional based on the lives of teens in the Bible. I wasn’t sure the format and I wasn’t sure if a publisher would be interested. So I went to the Write to Publish Conference in Wheaton, IL and got some advice from pros like Cec Murphy, Jesse Florea of Focus on the Family, Suzie Eller, Julie Dearyan, and some other good friends. An idea took shape–100 days with the teens of the Bible. (that was one of my original corny titles).

Through a friend, I was connected with Andrea Mullins from New Hope Publishers who believed in this idea.

As for the idea, it sort of came out of a desire to have a resource to give to teens to draw them into the word. There are a bunch of really good teen devos out there–I”m not even remotely thinking that I’m the first, the best, or the only here. But my idea seems unique, looking at teens in the Bible. I remember being a Christian teen and knowing that I had to read my Bible, but not really getting anything out of it and thinking that it only spoke to men with long beards. In reality, the Bible speaks to people of all ages, lifestyles, and backgrounds. God comes to you where you are and loves you so much, He wants to change you.


29 Teens In the Bible– a free downloadable guide