Books I’m Reading Now

My nightstand is always full of books. I feel that if I’m not reading, I’m not growing and if I’m not growing, I’m moving backward. I’m not very coordinated, so I figure moving backward is not a good choice for me.

So, I read. Here are the books I’m enjoying right now:

Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy. – One of the best books on team leadership that I have ever read. Dungy is a man I want to learn all I can from.

City of Man by Michael Gerson and Pete Wehner – Great new read on the role of believers in society/politics.

Saving Leonardo by Nancy Pearcey – Nancy is a foremost Christian apologist. Can’t wait to crack this highly acclaimed book.

Rooms by Jim Rubart – My friend Jim has written a well-received first novel. Haven’t opened the first page yet, but I’m excited about this escape.

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