Rod Mattoon on the Sovereignty of God in Salvation

By Daniel Darling

One of my favorite contemporary commentators is Pastor Rod Mattoon. His works are featured in Wordsearch Bible Software. Also on his website: Treasures from the Word. He’s a Baptist preacher in Springfield, IL and his commentaries are among the most well-researched, thorough and organized. He’s also a fabulous writer. Here is a gem from his commentary on John 17. I’m quoting it on Sunday in my message:

Long before the first Adam failed in the Garden of Eden, the second Adam, Jesus, was preparing for the cross of Calvary. Before the stars sparkled like white diamonds against the black velvet of space, before the waves of the oceans licked the shores of sandy beaches, before the birds sang sweet melodies on any bush, before leaves offered their applause by rustling on the branches of majestic trees, Jesus was preparing to be our Savior.

From the infinity of history, He was telling us, “I love you.” When Jesus was suspended between Heaven and Hell on the cross, He was showing us His love for us.

From the sunrise of each new day His message continues to be, “I love you.” As He intercedes for us at the right hand of God the Father today and prepares a place for us, He is saying, “I love you.”

For those of us in Christ, when we show up for tomorrow, whether here or in Heaven, His love will be waiting for us and will continue forever like a mirror reflecting an image into another mirror. When He comes again and gives us a new, glorified body, an inheritance, and completes our salvation, He will say, “I told you I loved you.”

Jesus had you and me on His heart before we were ever born.

Mattoon’s Treasures – Mattoon’s Treasures – Treasures from John, Volume 2.