6 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Technology

Questions?photo © 2008 Valerie Everett | more info (via: Wylio)

Those of us who live and work and move around in this connected society are constantly grappling with a healthy balance when it comes to managing our use of technology.

On the one hand, we want to harness new and emerging tools to enhance our God-given life purpose and on the other hand, we don’t want to be enslaved. For every person, that fine line is in a different place.

There is no set holy list that determines who is a crazed tech junkie and who has their gadgets perfectly tuned to life. I think a more useful approach is to honestly ask ourselves a series of questions. These are the questions I’m asking myself. Perhaps they’re questions you might ask:

1) Are the meaningful relationships in my life growing or shrinking as a result of my digital activity?iFaith, Connecting to God in the 21st Century

2) Is my online presence reflecting a balanced, positive view of my inner life or is it narcissistic?

3) Am I increasingly pushing moral barriers with my online activities or am I embracing healthy boundaries?

4) Am I listening to the voices of less technological friends or loved ones when they warn of increasing isolation?

5) How can I use my digital platform to lift up those who might read what I post?

6) If any of my entries were read in public in five years, would I be proud or would I be shamed?

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