10 Things I’m Thankful for in 2011

Today is Thanksgiving. This year (2011) I have much to be thankful for. I could fill pages. But I distilled them down to ten:

  1. Nine years of marriage to a beautiful and godly woman, Angela who has faithfully stood with me in ministry, trains our children in the Lord every day, and enjoys watching crime dramas with me.
  2. Four beautiful children, Grace, Daniel, Emma, and the latest edition, Lily. They are all beautiful gifts from God. I’m humbled to be their father. And I’m finally learning how to change diapers without passing out.
  3. A relationship with God through Christ. The mystery of God’s love expressed in Jesus continues to amaze me, that He loved me enough to sacrifice His son, purchasing my redemption, satisfying His wrath, and displaying His glory.
  4. Parents who loved me enough to introduce me to Jesus, take me to church regularly, and be there when so many kids grow up in unstable and abusive homes. Mom, can’t wait to eat your famous ice cream jello tomorrow.
  5. The Bible, God’s revealed Word. I’ve read the Bible all my life and still feel like I’m scratching the surface of its depth and beauty. It’s even cooler that I get paid to teach and preach and write from this magnificent book.
  6. A church, Gages Lake Bible Church, who allows me to fulfill my calling. They are the most wonderful, kind, loving, beautiful people I know.
  7. New Hope Publishers, who has believed in me enough to publish three (soon four) of my books. This was always a dream of mine and you made it happen. That goes for all the outlets that regularly publish my work, Crosswalk, Patheos, Clash, Stand Firm, CT, Lake County Journals.
  8. A growing circle of mentors and friends who enrich my life. And who are willing to listen to me ramble about politics, sports, and random things.
  9. America, who despite its deep flaws, is still the greatest nation on God’s green earth. Americans are no more loved by God than the rest of the world, but we are definitely the most blessed by far.
  10. Apple, Google, and Starbucks.
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