Free Christmas Music

By Daniel Darling

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy Christmas music, especially new and creative ways to sing the timeless old carols. But maybe you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford that brand-new CD. Well, you can still enjoy the new sounds of the season. There is a variety of free Christmas offerings available online, so you can add to your Christmas playlist. Here are a few:

Life Church TV (HT: Jonathan Howe)

These are the folks who created the YouVersion Bible app that is so popular and useful. They are offering a free CD called Carols on iTunes. This is a bit tricky since it downloads as a podcast, so when you’re finished, it won’t end up in your music folder or “Recently Added.” So you have to go to Podcasts and right click on the songs and select “Convert to AAC.” Then it will shop up in the “Recently Added” playlist. Sounds difficult but it’s worth a free CD.

Steve Tanner’s Free 25 Days of Christmas Music HT: (Ray Pritchard)

This guy has been giving away free Christmas music every year for several years. These download as MP3’s, so if you use iTunes for your iPod/iPhone, you will need to add them to iTunes after they download. You can do this by simply selecting “Add to Your Library” under “File.” Then you go find where they downloaded. I use the Chrome browser so the downloads always end up in the “Downloads” folder.’s 25 Days of Free Christmas Music

Amazon is giving away one free Christmas song a day for 25 days. Unless you use the Amazon Cloud Player (which I don’t), then you download these as MP3’s and do as I outlined above to add to iTunes.

Hope you enjoy the good music of the season!