The Most Misunderstood Woman in the Bible | Kyria

By Daniel Darling

I was pleasantly surprised to find that an article I wrote for the Kyria online magazine (Christianity Today) was among it’s most popular articles. This was one I enjoyed writing, a sort of contrarian take on the typical depiction of Job’s wife:

Her name was never revealed and yet she may be the most infamous woman in the Bible. Augustine labeled her “the devils accomplice.” Calvin called her “a diabolical fury.”And the contemporary understanding of Jobs wife hasnt improved on Calvin or Augustine. Its difficult to find a book or sermon treatment of the life of Job that doesnt include the usual condemnations toward his wife. It has become a standard joke to pity Job, as if his wife was yet another cross God called this man to bear.If the Proverbs 31 woman represents a model of Christian virtue, the wife of Job occupies the role of least desirable, sharing space in the Hall of Shame with the likes of Jezebel, Delilah, and Michal.But is this image an honest assessment of her character? Or is there a possibility that in our rush to empathize and identify with Job, weve rushed to cast judgment on his wife?

To read the entire article (including the many comments that vehemently disagreed with my take), click here:  The Most Misunderstood Woman in the Bible | Kyria.