Ed Stetzer – How Should We Talk About Sex?

I wanted to write a post about this, but couldn’t find the words. Thankfully Ed Stetzer, a wiser man than me by far, wrote what I consider a terrific and wise post on how evangelicals might approach the delicate, but necessary subject of sex. I especially liked this paragraph:

Third, when talking about sex, hype does not help.  I have to say that some of the gimmicky sex campaigns are simply unhelpful and can many times be harmful. For example, a friend of mine did a series he called “Storybook Sex” with all the shocking ads and comments– a series he now regrets. At the end of the day, gimmicks are not what we need– solid biblical teaching and moral courage is.  That does not mean we cannot have fun while talking about sex (thank you, God, for creating sex!), but, in talking about sex, it does mean that we need not appear silly or salacious. As such, challenging people to have sex for a week may not be the best course of action– but teaching them to both value the wonder and participate in the joy of sex in marriage is.

Read the entire thing here: Ed Stetzer – How Should We Talk About Sex?.