Some great advice for election season

By Daniel Darling

Amy E. Black writes a terrific article for Christianity Today, encouraging believers to watch how they engage politics. Too often we check our Christianity at the door. She writes:

If we are to seek peaceful solutions and honor God in politics, we Christians of all people must avoid such hateful talk. James 4:11 commands us to “not slander one another,” an exhortation that should extend beyond how we treat other believers. Whether talking with friends or campaigning for our favorite candidate or cause, we should engage our political opponents and their ideas with respect, welcome the opportunity to learn from other perspectives, and find ways to disagree charitably as a natural part of the political process.

This is something I’ve written about before. We shouldn’t retreat from the public square and we should work to build a better society. But I’m convinced that God cares about the way we argue as much as He cares about  the issues we espouse. This is a worthy article to read. You can get the entire thing here: The Cure for Election Madness | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction.