Some Great Easter Links

Some great Easter Reading:

He’s Calling for Elijah! Why We Still Mishear Jesus” – Al Hsu in Christianity Today:

A fantastic piece pointing Jesus’s last words to Psalm 22. Did God forsake Jesus or was Jesus telling the world that he was the fulfillment of Psalm 22? I preached on this passage last Good Friday, but Al Hsu does a terrific job exegeting it in this article.

Andrew Sullivan, Wannabe Bhuddist “- Joel J. Miller writing in Real Clear Relgion

“If Christianity matters at all it is because of the Resurrection.”

The Death of Death” – Sermon by the late Ray Stedman

I enjoy thoroughly the sermons by the late Ray Stedman. Here is a sermon he preached on Easter entitled, “The Death of Death.” He centers the Easter story on the absolute necessity of Jesus’ Resurrection.