Getting Free by Pursuing Jesus

Chances are you have seen Jefferson Bettke’s viral video: “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus” which has now been viewed almost 27 million times. A lot of has happened in Jefferson’s life since the release of that spoken word video. God has given him a great platform to share the gospel in unique and powerful ways. He is out with a new book, Jesus>Religion. I had the chance to interview Jefferson for my weekly blog at Leadership Journal’s Out of Ur. I asked him about one of the subjects of his public speaking ministry: the grip of pornography on young men:

Pornography has been a subject of much of your public speaking. How can the gospel free young men from porn’s grip?

The good news of Jesus is that he has brought new creation right here in the midst of the old one. The kingdom is near as he says and that means his rule, his reign, a place of beauty, and shalom is right next to us. Because of this Jesus and new creation are more beautiful than anything we can imagine. So we don’t have to white knuckle our behavior modification, but apply effort and discipline under the banner of grace knowing that going towards Rev. 21 is a lot more beautiful place and brings depth and richness into our life. The good news is that Jesus bore all the evil, shame, guilt, hurt, on the cross for us so we are free and getting free is a matter of leaning in on that truth and pursuing Jesus.

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