The Most Anti-Female Practice In the World

Yesterday I interviewed Marian Liatuad, editor of Today’s Christian Woman and Church Law and Tax Report for Christianity Today International. I was excited to interview Marian, because she has fascinating interests. Besides her writing and editing, she’s a marathoner, running to raise money for charity water and she’s an outspoken advocate for the unborn, particularly against sex-selective abortion. She wrote a terrific book, War on Women. 

You’ve written extensively about the practice of sex-selective abortions, calling a ban on them a “no-brainer.” Why don’t you think more feminists are speaking up about this practice?

I called a ban on sex-selective abortions a “no brainer” because at the time I wrote this, there was legislation being floated on Capitol Hill that included language about prohibiting sex-selective abortions. Some argued that this was added to create a lightening rod with the issue. Gendercide (the intentional killing of unborn girls) doesn’t happen commonly in our country, but the U.S. is standing by silently while it happens elsewhere in epidemic proportions. Hardly anyone—feminist or otherwise—is speaking up on this issue. Most alarming—the church is virtually silent on this issue. I wrote War on Women in hopes of lighting a fire in the church to rise up and confront the horrific genocide that’s happening around the world. Sadly, it’s been radio silence. Very disheartening. Feminists are especially silent on the matter, which is ironic consideThe ring their pro-female posture. Sex selective abortion is the most anti-female practice the world has ever known, and yet I know of no feminist who is talking about it. Primarily, this is because to talk about sex-selective abortion is to risk giving up ground hard-won since Roe v. Wade. You can’t talk about gendercide without conceding that at some level and at least in some circumstances abortion must be banned.

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