Thirsty for Transcendence

My friend Drew Dyck thinks we’ve domesticated God and we’ve done so at our own spiritual peril. Drew is the managing editor of Leadership Journal (where I am a contributor) and the author of a brand new book, Yawning at TigersI finished reading this book a few weeks ago and I highly recommend it. Drew takes aim at our flimsy theologies and delivers a powerful, holistic view of God in a creative way that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable read.

I had a chance to interview Drew this week for my Friday Five feature at . . . you guessed it . . . Leadership Journal. That’s called synergy, folks! Anyway, here is one of the questions I asked Drew about Yawning at Tigers: 

We seem to like a God of love, but not so much a God of holiness and even, say, wrath. Why?

I get why it’s tempting just to camp out on God’s love and acceptance. To speak of divine holiness is to risk turning people off. Yet at the same time I think people are thirsty for transcendence. There’s a deep-seated desire to be in the presence of something majestic and powerful. When we sideline God’s transcendence, we deny them that encounter.

You can read the entire interview here: