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Here are some links to my latest articles:

“Applying our Pro-Life Convictions to the Border Crisis” at Huffington Post:

Well-meaning Americans will continue to disagree on the exact policy prescriptions for the border. But hopefully we can all agree to see each in each undocumented child, the image of the Creator. My hope is that followers of Jesus begin to see immigrants as less of a threat to their way of life and more of an opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission and be a part of God’s sovereign plan to gather a people from every nation, tribe, and tongue (Rev 7:9; Rev 5:9).

You are Not Speaking to the Room” – Leadership Journal

Today we live in a world where pastors of churches large and small post their content online almost immediately. Many live-stream and some churches even offer sophisticated viewing experiences allowing viewers to provide feedback. What’s more, the advent of smart phones and social media has made Sunday sermons an interactive experience. Social media on Sunday is filled with comments and quotes drawn from the church service. Christian conferences are chronicled live on Twitter with special hash tags, Instagram pictures, and commentary.

Some lament this new reality. They say we are eroding the value of the incarnational experience of hearing a message. This is a valid concern, but pastors and church leaders must deal with the world that is: a digital conversation that is here to stay. So preachers must reckon with reality: when you walk up to the pulpit or lectern, you are not merely speaking to the room. You are speaking the outside world as well.

Former All-Pro Wide Receiver Tim Brown on Leadership and Determination” – Parse

Quite simply, he saw something in me I didn’t see in myself. Maybe it was because I was not trying to see it. I was so content on getting my degree, going back home, marrying my high school sweetheart, and having six kids, that football was not high on my list. I wanted to play well, but being the best player in the country was not something I even dreamed about. What was unique about the transformation is when it sunk in, I saw it so clearly. Not winning the Heisman, but being a real player and leader. I was the best player on my high school team, but I didn’t see myself as a leader. For the first time in my life, I saw I had the ability to lead guys.

Do Blue Collar Workers Fit our Theology of Vocation?” –

I hope our faith and work theology works for Uncle Jim, not just for the artists and painters and poets. I pray that the postman of the next generation might deliver mail with a bit more bounce in their step, because they know that despite the cultural fascination with white collar work, those who labor in the trenches of our less flashy professions do work as important as anyone else.

LeBron James and Our Longing for Home” –

I think this longing for home is innate, something God wired in us. Ever since Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden, we’ve been displaced, a bit uncomfortable wherever we are.