Three Questions to Ask About Your Job

By Daniel Darling

“Nothing matters except what happens in here.” How often have you heard that in church from well-meaning pastors? I know the message trying to be sent: the supremacy of the gospel and the importance of evangelism. I share those desires, but this kind of reductionism is not a biblical view of culture. Which is why I’m so excited about my friend, Bruce Ashford’s new book, Every Square Inch. Bruce is brilliant thinker and teacher, the Provost and Dean of the faulty at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Bruce also is Professor of Theology and Culture at SEBTS.

I had the chance to interview him for Leadership Journal. One of the questions I asked was about how a biblical view of culture affects our Monday-thru-Friday vocation:

How should an “Every Square Inch” theology affect the way we think about our Monday-thru-Friday vocations?

I encourage people to evaluate their workplace calling by asking three questions. First, they should ask, “What is God’s creational design for this type of work, for this realm of culture?” Second, “In what ways have sin and idolatry corrupted and misdirected this realm?” Third, “How can I shape my activities in this realm in light of God’s word, thereby redirecting them toward Christ?” These questions are not easy to answer. It will take much effort to discern how deep-level biblical principles might apply toward a job in, say, cinematography, elementary math education, or investment banking. It will not be easy to know how exactly to shape one’s vocation toward Christ if one is an economist, a plumber, or a Congressman. However, out of obedience to Christ and out of a desire to bear witness we will work hard to answer those questions.

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