Some Of My Recent Articles: 5/8/2015

Here are a few of my recent articles:

I wrote for The Gospel Coalition on “Why You Can’t Escape from the Culture Wars.” The title is intentionally provocative, as I’m arguing against a “culture war timeout” that, in my view, would a) be impossible and b) show a lack of compassion:

The shape of our witness may change, and the culture we serve may look different than it did a generation ago. But if we care about obeying all that Jesus commanded us, we will have to die to our desire to be liked and recommit to doing as the early church did, “obeying God rather than man.”

Read the whole thing here:

I also interviewed Daniel Ryan Day for my weekly Leadership Journal blog. He’s got an interesting story. He intentionally went without one important luxury item every week in order to better acquaint himself with the suffering for marginalized people around the world. It was a fascinating interview. You can read it here.


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