The Way Home – Episode 26: Tony Evans and Jim Daly

Why is orphan care so important for the church? I ask Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family. Daly’s life story is unique, as told in his powerful memoir, Finding Home. Bounced around in the foster care system, Jim experienced so much family dysfunction before a dramatic conversion to Christianity as a teen. Today he leads Focus on the Family and has used his life experiences to encourage the church to care for orphans. He joins me on the podcast along with Tony Evans, pastor, author, and founder of The Urban Alternative. Evans is a longtime radio pastor and has published numerous best-selling books. Dr. Evans talks to me about the importance of racial reconciliation and his own experience as an African American evangelical leader.

Listen to this week’s episode:

Show Notes

    • Both of these interviews came from our new series of training courses offered through Ministry Grid. ERLC is offering ten courses on difficult moral ethical issues featuring well-known Christian leaders such as Jim Daly, Tony Evans, JD Greear, Russell Moore, Dennis Rainey, Trillia Newbell and many others.
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    • Books: Oneness Embraced by Tony Evans; Finding Home by Jim Daly