The Way Home Episode 30 featuring Chad Harrington and Jason Houser

Today I am glad to be joined by the authors of a great new book, Dedicated, Training Your Kids to Trust and Follow Jesus. Jason Houser is the founder of Seeds Family Worship Ministry and is a family pastor in Twin Falls, Idaho. Chad Harrington is writer in Nashville, TN.

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Show Notes:

  • Jason Houser on Twitter: @housermania1
  • Chad Harrington on Twitter: @chadredart
  • On the podcast I mentioned our resource, The Weekly. This is a weekly email newsletter, written by our staff, that curates the most important news stories and offers some brief explanation. Most of us are incredibly busy with our families and our jobs and don’t time to digest the news from a distinctly Christian worldview. The Weekly is a quick, but informative read that will show up in your inbox every week. You will want to sign up for this email.