The Way Home: Episode 45 featuring Scott James

Today I am joined by my friend Scott James. Scott serves as an elder at The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Ala. Scott is a full-time pediatric physician as well as an author. His most recent book The Expected One is a timely devotional that focuses on the Advent season.
Every Christmas, Christians all over the world celebrate Advent season by reflecting on the arrival of the Messiah and the promises that were fulfilled at the birth of Jesus. In his new devotional, Scott celebrates the nativity by looking at the whole story of redemption and focusing on how Jesus’ birth and life and ultimately death and resurrection fulfilled Old Testament prophecy.
Designed for both family and individual use, each devotional serves as a beautiful reminder about the meaning of Christmas and why Advent season is important for Christians.
Scott also shares what it means to serve the Lord in his capacity as a pediatric physician and how parents can intentionally teach their children about Christmas and the incarnation of Jesus.

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Show Notes:

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