The Way Home: Episode 78 featuring Dr. David Vanderpool

What would compel a successful doctor to give up his practice and move to a developing country? Dr. David Vanderpool talks about the gospel, medicine, and human dignity. Dr. Vanderpool is CEO and founder of LiveBeyond, a not-for-profit mobile disaster relief organization providing medical, spiritual, and logistical support in more than a dozen disaster-ridden countries around the world. After Hurricane Katrina hit the southeastern coast of the U.S., Dr. Vanderpool felt a call to act. When the staggering earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, he used his trauma surgeon skills to provide care to those in need. In 2013 he and his wife, Laurie, moved to Thomazeau, Haiti, where LiveBeyond is now based (source: bio). We talk to Dr. Vanderpool about his mission to Haiti, about the call of God, and about the unique health challenges of developing countries.

Show Notes

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