Shepherding the Flock: A Conversation About Pastoral Ministry and Cultural Engagement

At the 2016 ERLC National Conference: Onward, I sat down with David Prince, Robby Gallaty, Jimmy Scroggins, and Bryan Loritts to discuss pastoral ministry and cultural engagement. 

I asked Bryan Loritts, “Do you feel that many churches, by being afraid of speaking on cultural issues, have seeded authority in many ways to other voices in the culture?”

He responded saying, “Absolutely. I think many of our preachers and pastors lack prophetic courage, and I think that if the gospel we preach does not have what my grandma called “shoe leather” and it is not portable, and we can’t take the timeless truths of what happened in Jerusalem and connect it to a Baton Rouge, Dallas, or whatever our context may be, then we are going to look at people who are going to be discipled more by CNN and Fox News than by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Watch the rest of the panel discussion below:

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