Some Things I’m Reading Right Now

First I tweeted this and then I got the idea to share a short post on some things I’m reading lately.

As for books, I just finished the brilliant Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance. I highly recommend it. I did the audiobook version. Now I’m onto another audio book, this time, Churchill, A Life by Martin Gilbert. This last year I’ve picked up audiobooks in earnest, listening on my commute, long drives, and my daily walks (yes, I sound like an old man, but what can I say?). Audiobooks allow me to consume even more material and are a way to hear the text in a fresh way.

I’m also reading–physically reading–two other books. First, I’m making my way again through Orthodoxy by GK Chesterton. I love this book. He is so adept at pointing out the paradoxes of Christianity and setting Christianity over and against its critics in a way that is still amazingly relevant in 2016. I’m also reading Confessions in a kind of slow, devotional way. Everyone should, in their lifetime, read Augustine. I’m amazed at how this church father still speaks truth to us today.

As for other kinds of reading, I do a lot of long form reading on my phone. I don’t know why other than when I see good, substantive storytelling and journalism I usually save it with the Safari feature “Reading List” and come back to it when I have time. A few long reads that I’ve enjoyed lately:

Lastly, I regularly read a few publications in print. I always read Christianity Today cover to cover. I read most of Foreign Affairs every issue. I read First Things and Touchstone and Providence Magazine and peruse World and Fortune.

photo credit: Sam Greenhalgh
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