The Way Home: Tony Reinke on how technology is changing us

Have you stopped to consider what that square piece of technology in your pocket might be doing to you? Have you thought of the ways new forms of media change the way we see ourselves and others? As someone who is in constant reach of his iPhone, I have been interested in learning about ways in which our use of smart phones are affecting life in good and bad ways. This is why I was excited to have my friend Tony Reinke on the podcast to discuss his important new book, 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You.

This book is a must-read and it sobered and convicted me in many ways. It’s a book that doesn’t, however, shame you for your technology use nor does it advocate a kind of retreat from the world as some do. Rather it asks important questions and offers a theology of technology.

Tony is a senior writer for Desiring God, the host of the popular Ask Pastor John podcast, and the author of several books.

Show Notes

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