5 Misconceptions About Sin

By Daniel Darling

Sin is not a word many people today use out loud. It’s rather uncool to call a particular attitude or choice a “sin.” For many it brings up scary images of angry preachers pointing bony fingers at people. But the Bible talks a lot about sin. So Christians who care about following Jesus and obeying His Word should understand what sin is.

The good news for sinners—all of us—is that the gospel doesn’t just point out what is wrong with us and call it sin; it also points us to the One who came to bear the punishment for our sin and reconcile us to the Father. Jesus defeated sin, death, and the grave and is renewing the hearts of those who believe.

In my experience, I’ve seen Christians have certain misconceptions about sin. Here are five that are the most common:

5 Misconceptions about Sin:
– Consequences can be managed
– Patterns and behaviors can be overcome overnight
– Choices are a person’s identity
– It is always individual and never social
– I can never see progress in this life

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