Easter and COVID-19: 3 Reasons the Message Fits the Moment

By Daniel Darling

When the calendar rolled around and your leadership team gathered to plan out 2020, undoubtedly you had big plans for Easter.

You’d urge your people to canvass the neighborhood, inviting friends and relatives to join them on what is still, in many places, the one time of year to go to church.

Easter is when you go all out, with activities for children, vivid recreations of passion week for the adults, and a time to lean in on the central truths around which Christianity is formed.

But alas an unseen enemy came roaring in, making its way around the world. And those best laid plans for this holiday aren’t happening.

In what nobody could have predicted, even in the wildest, weirdest end times fiction scenario, churches are closed on Easter, celebrating the Jesus’ death and resurrection at home, online.

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