The Way Home: Justin Lonas and Jerilyn Sanders on COVID-19 and the economy

By Daniel Darling

Justin Lonas and Jerilyn Sanders join me for a bonus episode of The Way Home. On Tuesdays we will be releasing episodes focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week was with with Jared Wilson on pastoring and encouragement during COVID-19

Justin and Jerilyn help us think through COVID-19 and the economy.

Jerilyn serves as the Director of U.S. Programs for The Chalmers Center. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Biola University and an Ed.M. from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her position at Chalmers synthesizes several things: love for people, passion for training that empowers disenfranchised people, and a desire to see God’s church be all that he meant it to be.

Justin serves as Editorial & Content Specialist for The Chalmers Center. He coordinates the work behind books, articles, blog posts, online courses, video projects, small group curriculums, and other content produced by Chalmers Center staff and ministry partners.

Show Notes