The Way Home: Benjamin Watson on the continuing abortion divide and why he speaks out

Our nation is being torn apart. But what if there’s one big thing at the center of it all? Super Bowl champion tight end Benjamin Watson joins me again on The Way Home Podcast to discuss his new documentary, Divided Hearts of Americain which he goes on a journey across America to discover the truth about abortion. Ben also discusses the complications of athletes using their platforms to speak out on political issues and he shares what it’s like to transition from a football career to this new season.
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Guest Biography: Benjamin Watson is a Super Bowl champion tight end, a writer and speaker, and a widely read and followed commentator on social media. An NFL legend, Watson was a key playmaker for teams such as the New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints. With 547 receptions and over 6,000 yards in his career, he was a model of consistency and talent through his 16 years in the league.

Watson was honored as a Walter Payton Man of the Year Finalist in 2015 and 2017 and received the prestigious Bart Starr Award in 2017. Watson also served on the executive committee of the NFL Players Association and is the founder of the nonprofit One More foundation along with his wife, Kirsten. They live in New Orleans with their seven children.
Twitter: @BenjaminSWatson
Facebook: @BenjaminWatsonOfficial
Documentary: Divided Hearts of America
Book: Under Our Skin

This episode of The Way Home Podcast is sponsored by Faithful Counseling. Visit to get a 10% discount on your first month’s membership.