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The Way Home: John Thompson on “The Jesus Music Film”

Today I’m joined by John Thompson, Associate Dean of Trevecca Nazarene University’s School of Music in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s a speaker, producer, author, artist, and the founder of the podcast “True Tunes.” He is an expert on all things Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). He was a consultant and was interviewed for the new film “The Jesus Music Film.” If you grew up in the 90s listening to CCM, this film is for you, telling the story of Christian music over the last 50 years. On this episode, we talk about the film and different movements in Christian music.

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Show Notes

John Thompson Biography: John J. Thompson, creator and host of the acclaimed new True Tunes Podcast, has been championing, challenging, and celebrating faith-fueled art and artists since he was just a kid. He is a speaker, author of several books, pastor, producer, artist, and music enthusiast and currently serves as the Associate Dean of the Trevecca School of Music and Worship Arts and as a Creative Consultant, Writer, Music Supervisor, and Producer for various publishing companies, independent artists, films, websites, and more.

Twitter: @JohnJThompson
Instagram: @truetunesmusic
Facebook: True Tunes

This episode is sponsored by Canopy.