The Way Home: Collin Hansen on the Embodied Nature of Church

Today, Collin Hansen, editor in chief of The Gospel Coalition, joins me again on The Way Home. He’s a prolific writer, author, and podcast host. Collin is a penetrating thinker on church issues and theology and culture. In today’s episode, we talk about his new book “Rediscover Church: Why the Body of Christ Is Essential,” what it is like for the church to regather after COVID, and why the embodied nature of church is significant.

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Show Notes

Collin Hansen Biography: Collin Hansen serves as vice president for content and editor in chief of The Gospel Coalition. He hosts the Gospelbound podcast and has written and contributed to many books, most recently Rediscover Church: Why the Body of Christ Is Essential. He has published with The New York Times and The Washington Post and offered commentary for CNN, Fox News, NPR, BBC, ABC News, and PBS NewsHour. He edited Our Secular Age: Ten Years of Reading and Applying Charles Taylor and The New City Catechism Devotional, among other books. He and his wife belong to Redeemer Community Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and he is an adjunct professor at Beeson Divinity School, where he also co-chairs the advisory board.

Book: Rediscover Church: Why the Body of Christ Is Essential
Twitter: @collinhansen
Facebook: Collin Hansen

This episode is sponsored by Canopy.