The Way Home Podcast: Coleman M. Ford on Spiritual Formation

Today, we have Coleman M. Ford joining us on The Way Home podcast. Coleman Ford is the assistant professor of Humanities at Texas Baptist College. He has a new book coming out titled “Formed in His Image” where he thoughtfully guides his readers into the depths of spiritual formation. Today, we discuss the definition of terms typically associated with spiritual formation, why we should care, and how we’re formed as Christians. 

Show Notes

Coleman Ford Biography: Coleman has authored several books. He is the assistant professor of Humanities at Texas Baptist College and the assistant professor of Christian Formation and the director of professional doctoral studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He completed his Ph.D. in Church History at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Books: Formed in His Image (2023), A Bond between Souls: Friendship in the Letters of Augustine (2022)

Twitter: @colemanford

Facebook: Coleman Ford

Instagram: @colemanford

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