The Way Home Podcast: Sam Allberry on Biblical Sexual Ethics

Today, we have Sam Allberry joining us on The Way Home podcast. Sam Allberry is a pastor, preacher, apologist and the author of a number of books. He has a new edition of his book coming out titled “Is God anti-gay” where he helps his readers think through these issues from a biblical worldview. Today, we discuss biblical sexual ethics, what it looks like for Christians to share these things with family and friends, and how to live a life glorifying to God in the midst of modern sexual revolutions.

Show Notes

Sam Allberry Biography: Sam is a pastor, preacher, and apologist. He is the author of a number of books. He has written for several organizations, including The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, and Living Out. Sam studied theology at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford and is a Canon Theologian for the Anglican Church in North America, and is a Senior Fellow at OCCA Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

Books: Is God Anti-Gay? (2023), What God Has to Say about Our Bodies (2021), Why does God care who I sleep with? (2020)

Twitter: @SamAllberry

Facebook: Sam Allberry

Instagram: @samallberry

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